Nomination of Parminder Jeet Singh to the UN Working Group on Internet Governance issues

We are happy to inform you that Parminder Jeet Singh of IT for Change has been selected as one of the five civil society members of the UN Working Group on Enhanced Cooperation (on Internet-related public policy issues). His nomination was supported by 42 civil society organizations and networks worldwide.

Earlier in December 2012, the UN General Assembly has agreed to set up such a Working Group on Enhanced Cooperation as demanded by a campaign for democratising the global governance of the Internet, led by five civil society organisations, including IT for Change. This Working Group will function under the convenor-ship of the Chair of the UN Commission on Science and Technology for Development.  

This UN Working Group is expected to deliberate on the new institutional framework of global Internet governance, which alone can confront and challenge the growing power of a few corporates and a few governments that mostly shapes the Internet today.  If people want some levers of self determination about what happens to and on the Internet, this should be the start of that process, which no doubt will remain an ongoing struggle.

Below is a note on suitability of Parminder for the role that he was nominated, which was submitted to the nominations process.

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