Shiksha Vimarsh - Digital technologies and Education, Special Issue

'Shiksha Vimarsh’ is a Hindi magazine published by Digantar. It seeks to inform and engage its reader in discourse on a wide spectrum of issues related to contemporary educational thought and practice, policies, problems, case studies, researches and book reviews. Over the last 15 years, Shiksha Vimarsh has brought out a range of issues covering: Maths pedagogy, History pedagogy, State of Children's Literature and special issues on Public-Private Partnership in Education, Right to Education and Sociology of Education.

A Special Issue on Digital Education

Digantar, in collaboration with IT for Change, has  brought out a special issue of Shiksha Vimarsh on digital technologies and education. The articles in the issue are:

  1. Demographic Digital Dividend by Mr Gurumurthy Kasinathan (Editorial)
  2. What technology should I use in my class?  by Prof. Rajaram Sharma
  3. Online Teaching in a Pandemic World: A Comparison of two Private Schools in Odisha by Ms. Garima Rath
  4. Use of Artificial Intelligence in Education by Prof. Anusha Ramanathan
  5. Campus, Corridor and Cyberspace: The Institutional Dynamics of Online Education by Dr. Prakrati Bhargava
  6. Economic Realities of Virtual Higher Education in a post-pandemic India by Mr. Binay Kumar Pathak
  7. Bridging the Digital Divide - A Blended Learning Pilot in Odisha by Ms. K. Vaijayanti
  8. Looming Crisis of Pandemic: Forlorn State of Education  by Ms. Kavita Rajeshwari
  9. Learning in the Lockdown: Perspectives from a JJ cluster in Delhi by Ms. Bhuvaneshwari Subramanian
  10. Bringing the real world into online learning: Teacher notes for an online Fun Chemistry course by Dr. Ajita Deshmukh
  11. Online Education during the Pandemic: Challenges in Indian Higher Education by Ms. Disha Sharma
  12. Notes from the Field during the Covid Pandemic by Dr. Vinod R.
  13. EdTech Trends and Challenges by Ms. Anusha Sharma

We look forward to your comments and feedback on the issue. You can write to shikshavimarsh [at] gmail [dot] com


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 Shiksha Vimarsh - Digital technologies and Education