The Great Take Over: How We Fight the Davos Capture of Global Governance

The Great Take Over: How we fight the Davos capture of global governance
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Corporate Accountability, FIAN, Focus on the Global South, FOEI, G2H2, IT for Change, MSI Integrity, Peoples Health Movement, Public Services International, Transnational Institute.

IT for Change will be co-organizing the webinar The Great Take Over: How we resist the Davos capture of global governance, which critically examines and challenges the capture of global governance by large transnational corporations.

The post Covid-19 world presents a new opportunity for corporations to ensure that global governance serves their business interests and profits, instead of putting in place policies for the wellbeing of humanity. At this event, social movement leaders from across diverse sectors, including health, agriculture/food, education, environment/climate and digital justice will ideate on the ways to resist corporate capture of global governance and achieve planetary well-being.

ITfC's Parminder Jeet Singh will provide insights on how civil society can achieve this goal in the sector of digital justice.

Other speakers include:

  1. Susan George, TNI (France)
  2. Mary Ann Manahan, Beyond Development Global Working Group, Ghent University (Philippines)
  3. Leticia Paranhos Menna de Oliveira, FOEI (Brazil)
  4. Sun Kim, Peoples Health Movement (South Korea)
  5. Sau Vicente, IITC (Mexico)
  6. Vernor Munoz (Costa Rica)
  7. Harris Gleckman, Senior Fellow, Center for Governance and Sustainability, UMass-Boston, formerly UN Center on TNCs (USA)
  8. Baba Aye, PSI & G2H2 Co-President (Nigeria)

Watch the webinar here.