IT for Change's Input on e-Governance for UNDP Development Report (2013-18)

IT for Change was asked to provide inputs in the area of e-governance and ICTD to UNDP as it was developing its plan for the programming period of 2013-18. Upon thorough study of the e-governance and ICTD scenario in India and interweaving of UNDP's general priorities and outlook with the same, IT for Change came out with a detailed document titled 'E-governance in India: Existing context and possible scope for UNDP programming over 2013-18', comprising general recommendations regarding problem areas and projects that UNDP may cover during its forthcoming 5 year programming period.

The document can be accessed here. Click here to download the pdf.

Alternatively, find the links to three operable project proposals as recommended by IT for Change:

  1. Innovative project 1. Download the pdf.
  2. Innovative project 2. Download the pdf.
  3. Innovative project 3. Download the pdf.

Find the links to four case studies, that can serve as reference points for the UNDP to strengthen development of their initiatives for the forthcoming term:

  1. Case study 1. Download the pdf.
  2. Case study 2. Download the pdf.
  3. Case study 3. Download the pdf.
  4. Case study 4. Download the pdf.

Find link to IT for Change's - Input for the research by United Nations Project Office on Governance (UNPOG).

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