IT for Change's Statement at IGF Main Session: Digital Cooperation - Quo Vadis?

Anita Gurumurthy was a part of the IGF 2021 Main Session: Digital Cooperation- Quo vadis? on December 8, 2021 where she gave a statement on the role IGF can play in digital cooperation.

Read it here.

This session was for assessing Internet governance approaches and mechanisms and fostering democratic equity and inclusiveness. The panel discussed the main strengths and weaknesses of existing Internet governance approaches and mechanisms and if the UN Secretary-General's Roadmap for digital cooperation succeeding in fostering and consolidating cooperation and promoting a less fragmented more holistic approach. It also discussed what can we expect from the "Global Digital Compact", proposed in the Secretary-General’s Common Agenda.

Other policy questions that were discussed- advancing global digital cooperation: New models on future digital cooperation: what is new and different to what we already have on orientation/roadmap? Which changes do we need in order to advance digital cooperation? What is needed in order to make a new model a success? What is the role of the UN system in any digital cooperation architecture? What are the directions we have from the WSIS in this regard?

Anita Gurumurthy addressed these policy imperatives in her statement, read it here.

Find more about IT for Change's contribution at IGF, including details of the sessions here.

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