Collaborating with like-minded groups, and forging alliances for both short term and sustained, long term impact, is a core strategy and strength of IT for Change. In order to respond to national, regional and global imperatives in the digital context, we have taken the lead to initiate such networks in research and advocacy. Networks that we have co-created bring together actors in traditional development sectors and digital domains, allowing cross-pollination of ideas, mutual accountability and wide-ranging influence. These collaborations also enhance our legitimacy.


Networks initiated by us

Voice or Chatter

The Voice or Chatter project is spearheaded by IT for Change with support from Making All Voices Count (MAVC) consortium. The research network comprises collaborators from across the globe including South Africa, Philippines, India, Netherlands, Spain, Brazil, Colombia and Uruguay.

Virtual Network for Policy Advocacy-- ICT and Education in India

Virtual Network for Policy Advocacy is a national network of educationalists across India, whose aim is to provide inputs to ICT policy and program in India, at national and state levels. It is a virtual network in the form of a google group. This group provided inputs to MHRD and influenced the ‘National Policy on ICT in School Education’

Internet Governance Caucus

Internet Governance Caucus is the first major global civil society coalition in the area of Internet governance. It came out of the civil society engagements with the World Summit on the Information Society (WSIS). IT for Change has closely associated with the Caucus, and one of ITfC's members was the first elected co-coordinator of the Caucus.

Dynamic Coalition at IGF

Dynamics Coalitions of the IGF are informal, issue-specific groups comprising members from various stakeholder communities. We are part of the Gender, Net Neutrality, Digital Trade and Community Networks
Dynamic Coalitions

Internet Social Forum

The Internet Social Forum is a group of organisations who share the goal of working towards building a people’s Internet: one free of surveillance, corporate dominance and governmental abuse of power.

Just Net Coalition

A global network of civil society actors committed to an open, free, just and equitable Internet.

Teacher Networks – “Professional Learning Communities”

These networks are state wide virtual networks comprising of Google groups. IT for Change established these networks as a part of the “Subject Teacher Forum”, a collaborative program with the State education departments. The networks are convened in the following States:

  • Karnataka
  • Telangana
  • Assam
  • Andhra Pradesh

Networks we are part of

Stop Corporate Impunity

IT for Change is part of a campaign called "Stop Corporate Impunity" which created the International People's Treaty.

Research on Open Educational Resources for Development (ROER4D)

Research on Open Educational Resources for Development (ROER4D) is a project which aims to provide evidence-based research from a number of countries in South America, Sub-Saharan Africa and Southeast Asia. The primary objective of the programme is to improve educational policy, practice, and research in developing countries by better understanding the use and impact of Open Educational Resources.

Our World is Not for Sale

Our World is Not for Sale is a loose grouping of organizations, activists and social movements worldwide fighting the current model of corporate globalization embodied in the global trading system.


MAKAAM is an alliance to visibilize women farmers, --– especially smallholder marginalized women --- with a development vision led by social justice, plurality of knowledge systems and sustainability.


FOSSCOM is a national network of Free or Open Source Software advocates in India.


EROTICS is a network of activists and researchers working on the intersections of sexuality and the internet.

APRCEM (Asia-Pacific Regional Civil Society Engagement Mechanism)

APRCEM is a civil society platform aimed to enable stronger cross constituency coordination and ensure that voices of all sub-regions of Asia Pacific are heard in intergovernmental processes on a regional and global level.

Women’s Rights Online Network- World Wide Web Foundation

Women’s Rights Online network is a global policy research network initiated by the WWW Foundation that seeks to bridge the gender gap in technology, data, and policymaking through evidence-based advocacy. Comprising women’s rights and digital rights groups across 15 low- and middle-income countries, the network wants to see evidence-based national ICT and gender plans established in at least seven new countries within the next five years.

UN Women’s Major Group

The UN Women’s Major Group takes responsibility for facilitating women’s civil society input into the policy space provided by the United Nations (participation, speaking, submission of proposals, access to documents).

UNESCO backed Global Alliance on Media and Gender (GAMAG)

 Global Alliance on Media and Gender is a global movement to promote gender equality in and through media.

Global Net Neutrality Coalition

A global coalition of organisations and users who believe that the open Internet has enabled countless advances in technology, health, education, and business and that these advancements must be protected.

Best Bits

A civil society network on Internet governance and Internet rights. It offers an open space where each group can present and advocate for the initiatives that they believe offer the best positive agenda for advancing broadly shared civil society interests in Internet governance.

Internet Rights and Principles Coalition

A coalition which is working to uphold human rights on the Internet and to root Internet governance processes and systems in human rights standards.

keep it on

A global group of companies and organisations who are actively trying to eliminate Internet shutdowns.

Making All Voices Count Network

Making All Voices Count is a programme working towards a world in which open, effective and participatory governance is the norm and not the exception. This Grand Challenge focuses global attention on creative and cutting-edge solutions to transform the relationship between citizens and their governments.

Feminist Alliance for Rights

A collaboration led by women’s organisations in the Global South working under the thematic areas of peace, safety and security: ending gender-based violence and defending women’s sexual and reproductive health and rights; economic and social rights; climate change, cultural and indigenous and land rights.

International Association for Media Communication and Research

A collaboration led by women’s organisations in the Global South working under the thematic areas of peace, safety and security: ending gender-based violence and defending women’s sexual and reproductive health and rights; economic and social rights; climate change, cultural and indigenous and land rights.