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Public Software Centre (IT for Change)

Public Software Centre (IT for Change) is pleased to announce a “Website Content Management and Administration Programme for NGOs using Drupal”. Drupal is a free and open source content management system (CMS) distributed under the GNU General Public License, which enables it to be freely shared and customised.

A website which shares information across time and space can be the primary communication tool of an organization. The communication must be continuous and reflect the activities and learnings of the organization. Usually, NGOs spend significant money and outsource the creation of their website, without any in-house capacity in maintaining the website including uploading content. Due to this, the website remains static. Using a CMS like Drupal can enable the NGO to take charge of their website and make regular updates like uploading documents, sharing events' information, providing links, blogs of staff members etc.

This programme is for

This workshop is for anyone wanting to become more familiar with how to build websites using drupal. It is an introductory programme suitable for people with little to no website design experience. It will be completed over a series of three workshops spread over 6 weeks. The workshops are on December 6-7, January 4-6 and January 19-20. The workshops will be conducted through a combination of lectures, hands-on practice, demonstration videos and assignments for the participants to complete.

Why Drupal

Drupal is the perhaps the most popular platform for building and managing websites. With a name that is Dutch for ‘village', the ‘Drupal' advantage lies in its community aspect. While over thousands of developers maintain the software, ‘tens of thousands' of community volunteers across the world continuously add new features, called modules, to the license-free software. Over 2% of the websites worldwide run on Drupal as the backend.

About the Public Software Centre, IT for Change

Knowledge Management & Knowledge Networking workshops are conducted by Public Software Centre, IT for Change for public institutions to enable them adopt public software. The very nature of work of public institutions, which revolves around equity and social justice, places an imperative upon the organizations to adopt public software, accessible to all, especially to the community.

This is the third workshop in the KMKN series of workshops. We had organized similar workshops in December 2010 and August 2011 in Bangalore, to introduce organizations to Public Software as well as to develop an organizational policy around Public Software.