#NAMAprivacy discussion on the Data Protection report

#NAMAprivacy discussion on the Data Protection report
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Hotel Royal Orchid, Bangalore
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The Justice Srikrishna Committee has released a draft data protection law for India, and we will be discussing the issues related to the draft bill, looking at the following issues amongst others,

  •     Issues related to data sovereignty, localisation, mirroring and cross border data flows.
  •     Impact on consent, data collection, storage and transfer.
  •     Role of the data protection authority, auditing and enforcement mechanisms
  •     Right to be forgotten and data erasure
  •     Governance of government data collection and use, and the regulation of surveillance
  •     Impact on notice and consent
  •     Understanding penalties

The topics discussed also included:
1. Data processing and obligation and impact on business and users
2. Data localisation, sovereignty, cross-border data flows
3. Governance of government data