Welcome to IT for Change´s Blog

*This is a temporary name that may be changed. Please give us your suggestions in the space dedicated to comments below. A new web space is open to integrate our team and partners' ideas and activities. It should be updated by you and me, any member of IT for Change community. To understand the reasons to create this new tool, please read Why a Blog?. This blog will be collectively constructed. It starts with three pages and a side bar, but all parts can be edited and re-organised, according to our needs. Some information to start: 1. Pages: The Main Page (which you are viewing) will host the posts (about any subject), organised by the latest to the previous ones. “Why a blog?” is a fixed page that explains the goals of this tool. Audiovisual Gallery is a space to share pictures and videos produced by ITfC's team or other people/organizations. 2. The side bar has a calendar with our activities and travels; a link to the most recent posts' comments; links to ITfC's Tweets and Facebook page; a list of our posts organised by category and recommended links to other blogs and websites. 3. Categories: It is useful to categorise your post before publishing it, so it can be easily located later. We suggest three categories: 1) Research; 2) From the field; 3) General ITfC. We also encourage you to use tags (key words) for your posts, according to the specific issue within a category, i.e. Gender and ICTs, e-Governance, Public Software etc. Now, let's populate this space! We will send you the username and password by email soon. Best Regards, IT for Change Communications Team