'The Potential of Open Development for Canada and Abroad'

On May 5th, 2010, Anita Gurumurthy represented IT for Change at the IDRC Public Panel on 'The Potential of Open Development for Canada and Abroad'. The event held in Ottawa, Canada, was a panel discussion on issues such as unequal access to technology, threats to privacy, and intellectual property rights. Panelists examined the possibilities of 'openness' that new technologies bring in for development and proposed ways to manage the potential risks while harnessing the opportunities for collective social benefit. IDRC is a Canadian Crown corporation that works in close collaboration with researchers from the developing world in their search for the means to build healthier, more equitable, and more prosperous societies. The other panelists who contributed to the discussions were Sunil Abraham (CIS - Centre for Internet and Society, India), Michael Geist (University of Ottawa), Ron Deibert (Citizen Lab, University of Toronto), and Yochai Benkler (Berkman Center, Harvard University). For further details click here.