Final Pre-Proposal Selection Announcement

After carefully reading through 34 detailed and fascinating project Pre-Proposals, the Advisory Group of the Gender and Citizenship in the Information Society Research Program have finally selected a small group of particularly outstanding and diverse ideas best suited for the overall objectives of the Program.  The Advisory Group and Program Secretariat devoted a significant amount of time, discussion, and critical thought into the final selection. Selection criteria focused on the following:

First-order Consideration

1. Congruence with the objectives and broad research framework of the Program

2. Originality of the core idea sought to be investigated

3. Clarity of the epistemological gap that the proposed research seeks to address

4. Potential impact of research findings, mainly for public policy and development practice

5. Quality of research design and methodology

6. Scholarship record of Principal Researcher and the team

7. Appropriateness of the Budget and Work Plan

8. Impact on developing country research capacity.

Second-order Consideration

1.  Diversity in the country of origin of proposals.

2.  Diversity in research topic.

The pool of candidates covered the entire Asian region and sought to investigate a plethora of unique research topics; we thank all applicants for taking the time and effort to submit such engaging pre-proposals. We also encourage all organisations and individuals who submitted applications to stay and touch in order to build a network of scholars in this important niche area. For summaries of the selected proposals, please click here. For more information please go here.