Privacy and Data Protection in India

We have been actively engaging with the debate on privacy and data protection in India, that has gained traction in the context of the unique citizen ID/ Aadhaar project of the government. Through our media articles, we have emphasised the public value of privacy, bringing in an agency perspective to the debate. We have also foregrounded the importance of framing privacy as a 'positive' right, by casting the spotlight on the connections between data monopolies in the platform age and personal security.

Privacy in the Digital Age I 2017

This article argues for the horizontal application of the right to privacy against state and non-state actors. In the digital age, it is the duty of the state to not only refrain from violating the personal right to privacy (for instance through illegal surveillance), but also take concerted action to protect the right to privacy.

Big Brother getting bigger? I 2017

This article examines the new concerns for privacy emerging in the age of data-based governance, using the UID/Aadhaar scheme in India as a case in point.

Aadhaar Act: Digital Rights of Indians are the mercy of an Act that is incomplete I 2017

This article assesses how the Aadhaar Act in its present form posesses a risk to citizens' right to privacy in India.

Privacy protection: India seems to be going the NSA-PRISM way I 2017

This article comment upon the fragile nature of a data protection in India that is dependent on one sided user contracts entered into between corporations and citizens, coupled with the absence of legislative protections.

Related resources

We consider privacy integral to digital age democracy. For more details, see our policy research and advocacy project on building an inclusive digitalised governance paradigm in India, and our charter on principles for democratic accountability in the digital age.

We have also explored the importance of personal security, privacy and freedom from technology-mediated violence, for meaningful and empowering use-cultures online. See Online freedom for all = No unfreedom for women


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