Private Algorithms and Public Interest: Overhauling the Trade Secrets Regime for Equitable AI Futures

The use of trade secrets to enclose the data undergirding artificial intelligence (AI) systems is a dimension that remains under-explored. IT for Change and Data Privacy Brasil submitted a policy brief to the T20 which posits that the data enclosed in trade secrets by digital transnational corporations has the effect of stifling genuine innovation and makes AI systems non-transparent and unexplainable. While trade secret regimes are important for the functioning of innovative markets, they have tended to extend outwards and cover an increasing number of information goods of the nature of data in both commercial and non-commercial contexts. The policy brief recommends that Intellectual Property (IP) regimes must be recalibrated for an equitable and accountable AI paradigm, and overexpansion of IP must be checked.

This policy brief has been accepted and will be published by the T20.

Read the complete brief here.


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