Reclaiming development in the information society

This research paper is part of the collection of essays In search of economic alternatives for gender and social justice: Voices from India which highlights some common guiding principles for alternative economic practice and building blocks for an alternative economic paradigm.
Against the backdrop of the social landscape of South Asia, which reveals glaring fault lines of religious, linguistic and ethnic assertions and conflicts, the new communication channels of the technology age pose a huge threat to social capital and the legitimacy of nation-states.

The authors also discuss that for women from the South, militarism also has a more insidious face: the increasing abandonment of their sexual and reproductive rights at discursive and political levels. They conclude that the current challenge for feminism at this juncture is to conceptualise differences among women in a way that allows for the articulation of universal concerns; concerns that will make way for a Southern perspective and feminist re-conceptualisation of the global economy. The paper concludes on recommendations to achieve these goals both at local and global levels.

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