Education Leadership and Management


The percentage enrolment of children in government schools overall, is declining every year and that of private schools increasing, as the statistics collected by the Government of India indicate. ‘Private’ has become a buzzword for ‘quality education’, or at least to making a claim to be better than ‘government’.


Privatisation of…

In this article for the Deccan Herald, Gurumurthy Kasinathan expresses concern over the increasing trend of government schools being "adopted" by CSR initiatives. Under the guise of introducing ‘efficient’ practices and improving infrastructure, he argues, the fundamental nature of the public school system is shifting.


Gurumurthy Kasinathan writes about SSLC performance rankings and the undue stress they cause leading to multiple preparatory examinations which may not be the best thing for students and teachers. He analyzes the problematic nature of these rankings and suggests alternatives in an opinion piece in the Deccan Herald.