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Our research and practice informs our advocacy with governments institutions and civil society. We critique dominant technology models that privatize education through outsourcing, or centralize control with education bureaucracies and technology vendors, and through our work, showcase the necessity of and possibilities for making empowering choices of technology in education.

Gender and Citizenship in the Information Society/ CITIGEN-Asia (2010-12) was a path-breaking multi-country research study in the Asia-Pacific that used the lens of gendered citizenship to analyse the shifts in gender power relations in the emerging information society context. It was supported by the International Development Research Centre (Canada).

IT for Change provides mentoring and support for community development organisations in adopting new digital methodologies in their development communication efforts.

IT for Change has engaged in policy advocacy and dialogue on leveraging community networks for pro-poor public access models.

IT for Change’s documentation of telecentre models examines the principles and policies for community-based sustainability.

Through research and advocacy, IT for Change has argued for democratic global Internet governance architectures that can further a socially just and gender equitable digitalised social order. Essentially, this means challenging the status quoist Internet governance model that perpetuates Northern hegemony.