The focus of field projects in our work is on demonstrating participatory and decentralized models of technology integration in education, and using this experience to provide inputs for policy and curriculum.

Building state-wide professional learning communities of teachers, integrating digital methods into in-service teacher education programs of the public education system is our 'extensive' field project strategy. Our 'Subject Teacher Forum' programs in Karnataka, Telangana and Assam aim to build such extensive teacher networks. Supporting these communities to access, create, curate and publish open educational resources on state OER repositories is part of this strategy.

Integrating ICT into school and class-room processes is our 'intensive' field project strategy. Our 'Teachers Communities of Learning' program in Bengaluru and Yadgir have aimed to empower teachers to integrate digital technologies for their own professional development and for classroom pedagogy.

Both the extensive and intensive programs are based on the 'professional learning communities' approach, acknowledged globally as a cutting edge model for teacher development. Taken together, they provide an effective model of teacher empowerment and professional development. The models complement each other for supporting teacher professional development. The former strengthens classroom teaching and the latter provides shared experiences and resources from the state-wide learning communities.

Both models are 'systemic', they leverage existing government structures, processes and resources (monetary and people). Working at school, block, district and the state-levels has allowed the integration of ideas into mainstream teacher education and curriculum making processes. High quality Free and Open Source (FOSS) educational and generic resource authoring applications enable the program to up-scale and sustain. These principles makes the model easier to sustain, up-scale replicate.

MIS Coordinators workshop at SCERT Telangana ICT Lab, May 2018

Building teacher networks and supporting teacher development through digital methods is an important area of our field engagement.  Our teacher education models have adopted the Professional Learning Community approach to in-service teacher education programs. The key objectives of these programs are to build teacher capacities and…


As a part of the its implementation of its ICT program in schools, the department of School Education is working on developing the Telangana Repository of Open Educational Resources (TROER) web portal, which will be the Telangana State portal of OER, on the lines of the National Repository of OER…

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Our “Teachers Community of Learning” (TCOL) is an intensive program focusing on developing classroom strategies and teacher development programmes through ICT integration at the class, school and block levels, that can result in a meaningful and empowering educational experiences for teachers and students.

Our TCOL field…



Designed as part of the adolescent girl empowerment programme - Hosa Hejje Hosa Dishe (New Step in New Direction), Kishori Clubs are safe spaces for adolescent girls embedded within schools in Mysuru and Kalaburagi districts. These clubs are female facilitated by…


IT for Change initiated the Technology Integration for Equitable Education (TIEE) program to support inclusive learning for students in higher primary schools (HPS) in the Bengaluru South district. The project focused on empowering teachers to effectively integrate…

IT for Change has played a crucial role in highlighting the education emergency in India caused by the unprecedented and prolonged school closures in India due to COVID-19. In July 2021, we catalyzed the creation of the National Coalition on the Education Emergency, bringing together researchers…

The Language Enrichment Program in English organised by the District Institute of Education and Training (Bengaluru North DIET) in association with IT for Change was a one-day event held on 14 July 2023, Friday. The venue was Shree Siddaganga High School in Basaveshwar Nagar, Bengaluru.


The Technology Integration for Inclusive Education (TIIE) project was envisioned recognizing the need for inclusive approaches and strategies to address the learning needs of all students, including those with mild learning difficulties. The project also aimed to explore ways in which technology…


Imagine you joined a course without knowing that the instruction was in Russian. You would understand nothing. In a poignant scene from the Hindi movie, Taare Zameen Par, the parents of Ishaan, who is dyslexic, are asked to read Chinese and learn. They struggle and…

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