The socialisation of adolescent girls has traditionally focused on enforcing their deference to authority figures in the prevailing gender order. And at Prakriye, we have invested in designing and implementing an effective technology-enabled 'education-for-empowerment' process that can help us reclaim their thwarted leadership potential. Our approach combines traditional and technology-mediated learning methodologies such as digital story telling, photo-essays, role-plays, simulation exercises and debates to trigger learning dialogues at the grassroots, with adolescent girls from marginalised rural communities in 5 villages of Hunsur block, Mysuru district.

Watch adolescent girls from rural Mysuru share their reflections on ICT enabled learning dialogues

Adolescent Girls

Strengthening adolescent girls’ leadership capabilities: Training Curriculum

training modules

With the support of the South Asia Women’s Fund, the Prakriye field centre of IT for Change initiated a year-long capacity-building programme for strengthening the agency, autonomy and leadership of 85 adolescent girls in rural Mysore, in March 2016 -- Dhwanigalu. This training programme effectively combines traditional and…

Dhwanigalu - Feminist Digital Praxis

wumen essay

This short essay explores Prakriye’s digital praxis through a conversation with a community leader and her granddaughters who have been associated with Prakriye’s ICT-enabled learning dialogues for adolescent girls, Dhwanigalu. This conversation captures the situated meanings of digital pedagogy, through inter-generational…

Kishori Chitrapata - Evaluation Report

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In July 2009, the Centre for Community Informatics and Development (IT for Change), in partnership with Mahila Samakhya Karnataka, UNICEF and Sarva Shikshana Abhiyan (Karnataka) launched the Kishori Chitrapata project. The project explores the innovative use of ICTs, in particular videos and photos, to address the learning…

Responding to the learning and developmental needs of out-of-school adolescents

out of school

This paper discusses the background, strategies, outcomes, challenges and learnings of Kishori Chitrapata, a project of IT for Change that addresses the learning needs of out-of-school adolescent girls through innovative uses of ICTs such as video, radio and computing technology.


Mulluru - Kishori Field Trip to Mysore DST


Mulluru - Kishori Training DST


Attiguppe Infrastructure - Road, Light and Drain DST


Attiguppe- Village Introduction DST


Attiguppe - Kishori Training DST


Attiguppe - Farming Practices DST