Computer learning programmes in schools - Moving from BOOT models to an integrated approach

ICT programmes in schools in India have largely failed to achieve their goals of positively impacting learning processes and outcomes in schools. Implemented usually through 'PPP' (Public Private Partnership) models, these programmes have been treated largely as  silos. Schools and teachers have not seen  computer learning as an integral part of education, and the overall education processes, which has compromised their ownership over, and engagement with the programme. This paper is based on a comparative study conducted by IT for Change on the ICT programmes in Kerala and Karnataka.

This paper is intended primarily for decision makers in the education department, including those at the levels of Secretary, Commissioner or Director of education. Its focus is primarily on the 'roll­-out' aspects of programmatic design, which these policy makers need  to consider. Though it discusses pedagogical implications of some of these design aspects, it does not cover these issues in detail.

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