Gender Perspectives on the Digital Economy: Essays from ITfC's National Gender Fellowship Program, 2022

As a part of IT for Change’s National Gender Fellowship Program, 2022, under the project, ‘The Feminist Observatory of the Internet’, supported by the World Wide Web Foundation, we invited long-form essay proposals from Indian academics, civil society researchers, and journalists in order to expand the journalistic discourse on issues faced by women in India's rapidly-expanding digital economy.

This compendium of eight essays offers readers succinct and nuanced perspectives on the structural shortcomings of current digital platforms that aid monopolistic Big Tech’s accumulation of power and capital, exacerbating existing economic inequities faced by women in the Global South.

By highlighting the limits of existing means of inquiry into the digital economy and labor, our researchers aim to underscore new modalities of research, as well as emerging alternative paradigms that can meaningfully and advantageously improve women’s economic participation and gains.

Read the complete compendium here.


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