MOOC on Teaching Mathematics with Technology (TMT)

The Centre for Education and Technology, IT for Change, offered a 4-week Massive Open Online Course (MOOC) on Teaching Mathematics with Technology, in collaboration with the Foundation for Education, Ecology and Livelihood, and support from the Commonwealth of Learning. The course aimed to build the capacity of Mathematics teachers of grades 6-10 in using Geogebra to create resources for teaching various concepts in Mathematics. The course was aimed at teacher educators in this subject domain as well as teachers of related technical subjects.

Course ran from November 16, 2020 to December 20, 2020

Course Objectives

The course aimed to help teachers:

  • appreciate the role of ICT in educational processes
  • use Geogebra, a FOSS application, for creating mathematics resources
  • access and contribute to Open Educational Repositories of Geogebra
  • develop new teaching-learning practices using Geogebra.

Contents of the Course

Week 1: Introduction to the course and overview of ICT tools and Open Educational Resources


  • used the course platform – a Learning Management System integrated with a webinar platform
  • applied the principles of Free and Open Software and Open Educational Resources as well as their implications for equity
  • installed Geogebra and get introduced to Geogebra for creating some  basic sketches

Week 2: Introduction to Geogebra


  • got a working proficiency of the Geogebra application and all its functionalities
  • created Geogebra sketches as teaching resources for high-school maths concepts

Week 3: Developing mathematical proficiencies of logical reasoning and problem-solving

Participants :

  • strengthened their working proficiency of the Geogebra application and all its functionalities, by creating more complex sketches
  • created Geogebra sketches as teaching resources for theorems and problems
  • accessed, and contribute to OER repositories of Geogebra

Week 4: Strengthening teaching-learning processes in classrooms


  • created lessons using Geogebra for teaching high-school mathematics
  • evaluated multiple resources including Geogebra resources for the development of a lesson plan
  • developed a sense of comfort and familiarity with transacting lessons using Geogebra in their classrooms.

Target Audience

  • Mathematics teachers of grades 6-10 (equivalent of upper primary and junior secondary school levels)
  • Teachers of Mathematics-integrated technical subjects
  • Teacher educators.


A Certificate of Completion was awarded to those who completed all the tasks in the course. To earn a Certificate of Participation, participants

  • Participated (post at least one message) in course discussions forums
  • Completed the quizzes with at least 60% in each quiz.
  • Submitted the Geogebra files and associated lesson plans.
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