Feminist Futures in the Digitalizing World of Work

Feminist Futures in the Digitalizing World of Work
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As a part of the NGO CSW 66 Forum, IT for Change and the Friedrich-Ebert-Stiftung are organizing an online event on "Feminist Futures in the Digitalizing World of Work". This online discussion will explore questions on the feminist futures of work in the digital epoch, the policy and programmatic actions are needed at the global, national and local level to ensure women's economic empowerment pathways expand in digitalizing value chains and the respective roles and responsibilities of the UN system, governments, private sector and civil society.

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The discussion will be kick-started with a brief invocation of the high points of "The Deal we Always Wanted" - a feminist call for action for gender-inclusive digital economies -- developed in 2020 by a global network of feminist activists convened by FES.

The speakers for the event are : 

Anita Gurumurthy, IT for Change

Isabelle Durant, Deputy Secretary-General, UNCTAD

Emilia Reyes, Co-Convenor of the Women's Working Group on Financing for Development, and in that capacity, co-lead of the Beijing+25 Economic Justice and Rights Action Coalition

Karishma Banga, Research Fellow, Institute of Development Studies (IDS)

Marina Durano, Adviser on Care Economy and Partnership Engagement, UNI GLOBAL union

Read a blog written by Avantika Tiwari based on the event here.

Listen to the complete recording of the event here.