Digital Dollar? An exploratory study of the investments by IFC in the Indian educational technology sector

The report is a critical review of IFC investments in EdTech with recommendations to IFC, Union and state governments and civil society on EdTech funding, policy and program.



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Working Paper on Data Rights

Working Paper on Data Rights

Examines emerging debates in the domain of workers’ data rights, evaluates the efficacy of national-level legal-policy frameworks in addressing them, and highlights the gaps to be bridged.

CSO Agenda for e-Shram

A civil society agenda for e-shram

Outputs from a joint strategy meeting by Centre for Internet Society and IT for Change with CSO participants on the e-shram portal

FDJ Issue Paper 6

Data Subjects in the Femtech Matrix: A Feminist Political Economy Analysis of the Global Menstruapps Market

This study is a feminist political economy exploration of data policies and practices through close analysis of the erosion of privacy and data autonomy in the menstrual apps market.

Profitable Provocations

A Study of Abuse and Misogynistic Trolling on Twitter Directed at Indian Women in Public-political Life

Our research on hateful and problematic speech on Twitter directed at 20 Indian women in public-political life to investigate the scale and nature of online gendered violence is now out!


Cross-border data flows are the most hotly contested issue globally in terms of digital trade. IT for Change proposes a new framework to govern cross-border data flows, 'Data Flow with Data Right', which in our view should assure developing countries that their concerns, especially economic and sovereignty-related, are being taken on board. Data…
The question of decent work for the platform economy is one of significance, in light of the millions of workers engaged in online web-based or location-based services globally.  The ILO meeting of experts on Decent Work in the Platform Economy has outlined a detailed list of considerations to be addressed in its meeting between 10-14 October, 2022, and IT for Change…
Third World Network, Public Services International (Asia & Pacific) and IT for Change request your endorsement of this statement rejecting pinkwashing in the IPEF We are planning to release this statement on 13 December 2022, at the first negotiating round of the Indo-Pacific Economic Framework in Brisbane, Australia (December 10-15, 2022).…
IT for Change and InternetLab organized a two-day closed roundtable on Feminist Perspectives on Social Media Governance on April 19-20, 2022. This roundtable was part of our Recognize-Resist-Remedy Project, funded by IDRC Canada, that explores how women's first-order right to participation can be reclaimed in the platformized publics of the Internet age. Through this…
'Shiksha Vimarsh’ is a Hindi magazine published by Digantar. It seeks to inform and engage its reader in discourse on a wide spectrum of issues related to contemporary educational thought and practice, policies, problems, case studies, researches and book reviews. Over the last 15 years, Shiksha Vimarsh has brought out a range of issues covering:…
IT for Change has been working with the W20 – an engagement group focused on gender equality – to equip them in integrating digital perspectives into their strategy for engagement with India’s presidency of G20 in 2023. Read our input at India’s G20 Presidency in 2023: Opportunities for Gender Equality and Women’s Empowerment here.


What a withdrawn Karnataka memo seeking Rs 100 from parents says about education funding in India

Twelve years after the Right to Education Act was passed, public investment in schools remains abysmally low. The Karnataka Commissioner of School Education on October 19 issued a circular, allowing school monitoring committees to collect Rs 100 or more every month from each parent as a donation to the school…

Computer Graveyards and Museums

The Ministry of School Education and Literacy recently released the 2021-22 Unified District Information System for Education (U-DISE) report, which provides information about all schools, teachers and students in India. A whole host of information; student enrolment, teacher deployment and school infrastructure…

In Solidarity Episode 1: The Great Gender Digital Divide

In Solidarity is a SEWA Cooperative Federation podcast that explores themes relevant to women’s economic empowerment and challenges that women-owned, women-run enterprises face. In the first episode, titled The Great Gender Digital Divide, they are in conversation with Anita Gurumurthy, Founding Member and Executive…

Declaration of Digital Rights and Principles: A Reality Check

The European Commission’s proposal for a European Declaration on Digital Rights and Principles for the Digital Decade – an important milestone towards a foundation for our shared digital world – reflects a predictable unease. It mirrors the fraught politics of our times; the tall order to recover the planet and people…



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