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The Future of Work We Seek: A Philanthropic Agenda for Workers And the Digital Economy

IT for Change, with support from the Ford Foundation, undertook an ambitious landscape study that focused on the impact of digital technologies on work and workers.

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Digital Dollar? An exploratory study of the investments by IFC in the Indian educational technology sector

The report is a critical review of IFC investments in EdTech with recommendations to IFC, Union and state governments and civil society on EdTech funding, policy and program.



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Working Paper on Data Rights

Working Paper on Data Rights

Examines emerging debates in the domain of workers’ data rights, evaluates the efficacy of national-level legal-policy frameworks in addressing them, and highlights the gaps to be bridged.

CSO Agenda for e-Shram

A civil society agenda for e-shram

Outputs from a joint strategy meeting by Centre for Internet Society and IT for Change with CSO participants on the e-shram portal

FDJ Issue Paper 6

Data Subjects in the Femtech Matrix: A Feminist Political Economy Analysis of the Global Menstruapps Market

This study is a feminist political economy exploration of data policies and practices through close analysis of the erosion of privacy and data autonomy in the menstrual apps market.

In April 2023, the Indian Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology introduced Amendments to The Aadhaar Authentication for Good Governance (Social Welfare, Innovation, Knowledge) Rules, 2020, and opened the same for public consultation. The Amendment allows non-state actors to provide Aadhaar-enabled authentication services. This was…
IT for Change submitted an initial set of guiding principles necessary to draft the Motor Vehicles Aggregator Rules to the Maharashtra state panel set up for this purpose. Our submission engages with the question of workers' data rights, including access to algorithmic auditing and the right to explanation, considerations for working hours, and protection from reprisals.…
JustJobs Network recently published the report, 'Empowerment or Exploitation: Global Perspectives on Women's Work in the Platform Economy', which examines the impact of the platform economy on women's work experiences. The report features a collection of essays from various economies, highlighting how platform work frequently results in precarity…
Over the last two decades, information and communication technologies have become an important part of the implementation of different types of programs and schemes by the Government of India in the form of ‘large-scale public digital information systems’, designed for the implementation of programs oriented towards welfare and social protection, as well as services…
IT for Change has played a crucial role in highlighting the education emergency in India caused by the unprecedented and prolonged school closures in India due to COVID-19. In July 2021, we catalyzed the creation of the National Coalition on the Education Emergency, bringing together researchers and educational professionals, social activists…
As part of a knowledge partnership exercise between LabourNet Services and IT for Change under the ‘Re-wiring India's Digitalising Economy for Women's Rights and Well-being’ project, IT for Change conducted a baseline survey of 210 urban informal women workers who are enrolled in LabourNet's skills development program for platform workers. The…


This Strategic-economic Bloc Will Only Tighten the Leash

The U.S.-driven Indo-Pacific Economic Framework for Prosperity would result in a complete stranglehold over the economic systems of the participating countries. In November 2019, India walked out from the trade pact called the Regional Comprehensive Economic Partnership (RCEP) involving China, Japan, South Korea,…

The Digital Inflection Point - Is There Hope at the End of the Tunnel?

This article was written by Anita Gurumurthy and Amay Korjan for the German NGO Forum Umwelt und Entwicklung (Forum on Environment and Development), which is a civil-society network that coordinates the activities of German NGOs in international political processes on sustainable development and environmental issues.…

An ‘Atmanirbhar’ AI Will Benefit India. Here’s Why

India should prioritise strong AI governance to ensure data sovereignty, promote indigenous innovation, and address ethical concerns. ChatGPT may represent a point of inflection in public consciousness about the power of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and its key role in society. It is time to take stock of what society…

Tackling Sexism in Schools and Colleges

Towards the end of a workshop conducted for school teachers, a curious phenomenon is often observed; many women teachers become restless. They sit tight anxiously clutching the handbags on their laps, steal furtive glances at their watches (or phones) to check the time, and even pointedly look towards the exit. Many…



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