State of Big Tech Dialogue

State of Big Tech Dialogue
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IT for Change will be hosting the State of Big Tech Dialogue, an online panel discussion to mark the launch of our upcoming report, ‘State of Big Tech: Dismantling Digital Enclosures’ on 21 November from 7:00-9:00 PM IST/2:30-4:30 PM CET.

To build strategies to respond to the aggrandizement of Big Tech power, our report moves past the critique of data capital to identify new horizons for resistance in popular mobilization, discursive alternatives, multilateral and national-level advocacy, alternative techno-governance strategies, and more.

The panel comprises key voices, including some of the volume's contributors, who will reflect on the report, the state of the contemporary struggle against Big Tech, as well as the potential inherent in current forms of resistance and projects for building an alternative digital economy.

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