Public Software in Higher Education

IT for Change engaged with Department of Technical Education (DTE), Government of Karnataka to help them in the process of shifting to public software along with revising their syllabus to include public software educational tools. This project had two broad objectives:

  1. Build digital literacy in faculty members in institutions affiliated to DTE across Karnataka (500 institutions) and provide a foundation for continued digital literacy and capabilities through a 'community of learners'

  2. Work with identified faculty members in all disciplines covered by DTE to create digital resources in public software applications like QCAD, Blender, KTECHLab, Geogebra in English and Kannada, linking it to the revised syllabus. We are training them to create spoken tutorials which may be uploaded onto the NMEICT web-portal. This Spoken tutorial project is supported by the NMEICT, which is a MHRD program to promote ICTs in education.

DTE has issued a circular to all the polytechnics in Karnataka, asking them to explore FOSS applications to transact the revised syllabus.

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