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The recent proposal of the Karnataka government to open English medium sections in 1,000 primary schools has attracted criticism. Primary Education Minister N Mahesh has highlighted the step as a response to declining enrolment in government schools. Parents prefer private schools because they offer instruction in the English medium. Several…


Mathematics teaching in government high schools is challenging. The general difficulty in mathematics, of moving from concrete to abstract, is aggravated by lack of home support, poverty, high stakes SSLC examinations, and students not being ready for high school concepts. Teachers often transact the syllabus, assuming students to have an…


In this article for the Deccan Herald, Gurumurthy Kasinathan expresses concern over the increasing trend of government schools being "adopted" by CSR initiatives. Under the guise of introducing ‘efficient’ practices and improving infrastructure, he argues, the fundamental nature of the public school system is shifting.