Inputs to MAKAAM - Women Farmers' Rights in Digital Age

The digitalisation of public service delivery has effected a paradigmatic shift in governance. This note discusses two aspects of this shift pertinent to women farmers - 'E-agriculture' initiatives and the new challenges to women's citizenship arising due to the reconstitution of governance systems by the Internet and ICTs. In the past, digitalisation efforts by the government has focused on the areas of digitalisation of service delivery at both central and state levels of agricultural departments. However, these efforts have failed to address the lack of gender inclusivity. Issues such as the definite lack of welfare schemes for women, little attempts to scale up hybrid agri-extension models and inadequate support for effective claims-making via the mKisan portal. To remedy the current situation, full digital citizenship must be granted to women farmers and groups. Digitalisation and public disclosure of government records will also go a long way to empower women and increase accountability.

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