IT for Change Consulted in Developing Tech Policy Design Lab’s Webpage on the Global State of OGBV

As part of our engagement with the Women’s Right Online Network (WRO), we are happy to have partnered with the Tech Policy Design Lab of the World Wide Web Foundation for building a webpage dedicated to mapping the state of online gender-based violence (OGBV) across the globe.


The webpage, titled ‘Helping End Online Gender-Based Violence’, depicts the Lab’s findings from research on OGBV; compiles the variety and breadth of initiatives to tackle OGBV across the globe, including legal and policy initiatives; showcases the work/research of the members of WRO; highlights challenges/barriers in addressing OGBV; and showcases the data available on OGBV.


IT for Change contributed to the building of this webpage by participating in periodic brainstorming sessions, sharing case studies, and undertaking a regional landscaping of research on OGBV by providing a detailed inventory of government policies regarding OGBV, organizations working on OGBV, and any work/research on countering OGBV in India.


The webpage can be accessed here.


Researchers who worked on this project include Merrin Muhammed Ashraf and Malavika Rajkumar.

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