Gender-Based Violence and Technology

Gender-Based Violence and Technology
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Bhavna Jha spoke at a webinar on Gender-Based Violence and Technology organized by UNDP and UNICEF.

The webinar discussed the rise in the use of mobile and web-based technology to support the increasing number of survivors of gender-based violence since the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic. This policy dialogue focused on the relationship between gender equality and technology, drawing attention to the digital gender gap, the use of technology in addressing gender-based violence, and the related privacy and security issues. Bhavna made two presentations on "Gender Based Violence and Tech - Pandemic and Personhood" and "Privacy and Safety from Third Party - Purpose Limitations."

The other speakers of the webinar included:

  1. Gerda Binder: The UNICEF Senior Regional Adviser for Gender Equality with the East Asia Pacific Regional Office
  2. Kaca Djurickovic: The UNDP Gender Program Manager for Montenegro.

The webinar was moderated by hvale vale, the Coordinator of the EROTICS South Asia Project.