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IT for Change is one of the four ‘nodes’ in the Data Governance Network (DGN) selected for research rigour and evidence of engagement in policy domains. The DGN was established by the IDFC Institute in 2019 to bring together some of India's leading policy think-tanks: National Institute of Public Finance and Policy, Internet Democracy Project…


This policy brief deals with the principles and framework to govern aggregate non-personal data as 'common pool resources'. Such an intervention is necessary in view of the large dividends acquired through the use of such data, the widespread de facto collection of data and its potential as a raw material for the development of Artificial…



Reorienting "data for development"

"Data for development" enjoys high currency in global policy circles. It has come to stand for the idea that developing countries need to acquire the capacity to produce "quality, accessible, timely and reliable disaggregated data" and use the promise of big data to…


As the Supreme Court finds itself in the midst of a heated debate on privacy, Parminder Jeet Singh muses on the implications for a citizen oriented right to privacy in the digital age in The Hindu.