online sexism


Online violence against women has become normalized and routinized to such an extent that it has almost been rendered invisible and imperceptible. Such violence takes a range of forms and expressions, ranging from threats of rape and murder to seemingly milder forms of trolling by thousands of trigger-happy online trolls. 

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We are excited to publish a brand new issue paper under our collaborative Feminist Digital Justice project with DAWN (Development Alternatives with Women for a New Era).

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The seventh issue paper, authored by Kumudini Samuel, Florencia Partenio, and Cai Yiping from DAWN, explores feminist digital activism in the Global…


IT for Change’s research – as part of our project Recognize, Resist, Remedy – has demonstrated a need for legal-institutional reform to combat sexist hate online. There is also a global acknowledgement today, such as from the Council of Europe and the EU, that sexist hate speech online needs to be addressed by the law. In India, the 273rd Law…