Diversifying Strategies for Feminist Digital Activism in the Global South

We are excited to publish a brand new issue paper under our collaborative Feminist Digital Justice project with DAWN (Development Alternatives with Women for a New Era).

Read it here!

The seventh issue paper, authored by Kumudini Samuel, Florencia Partenio, and Cai Yiping from DAWN, explores feminist digital activism in the Global South and suggests ways to diversify it. The paper begins by taking stock of digital activism so far. Taking contemporary examples of digital activism in China and Argentina, the authors undertake a feminist analysis of the evolution of feminist digital activism in the Global South, and critically asses the inherent challenges of navigating the online space, particularly for women from the Global South. In conclusion, the authors emphasize on the need to reclaim and own the online space while critiquing it, particularly in light of the pandemic as much of the world moves online.

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