bridging the digital divide


This think piece was written by Karishma Banga and Becky Faith, of the Digital and Technology Cluster, Institute of Development Studies, Brighton as part of our Centering Women in India's Digitalizing Economy project, supported by the European Union and FES.

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The digitalization of production and digital…


IT for Change has undertaken a project to frame gender-just design principles for the various components of information systems being used to implement public welfare schemes. This includes the design of citizen facing applications, data sharing guidelines, and overall database design, among others.

With support from the Bill and Melinda…


The digital gender divide has become “a matter of life and death,” in the words of the UN Secretary General in June 2020. Health care information (particularly about COVID-19), education, and economic activity moved online to prevent the spread of the virus. Internet services witnessed a surge in usage between 40 and 100…


Recently, IT for Change (ITfC) conducted the Student Digifest 2020 aimed at providing a platform to allow students from government and government-aided schools in Bengaluru to demonstrate their learning through the use of digital technology. The outcome was an array of presentations and artwork by nearly 100 students from eight schools across…


IT for Change was invited by the Journal of Community Informatics to guest-edit a special issue on gender and community informatics, which presents articles from various countries across the world and discusses how information and communication technology have a transformatory impact on gender relations. Please read the journal here.