Student Digifest 2020: The Power of Digital for Learning and Teaching

Recently, IT for Change (ITfC) conducted the Student Digifest 2020 aimed at providing a platform to allow students from government and government-aided schools in Bengaluru to demonstrate their learning through the use of digital technology. The outcome was an array of presentations and artwork by nearly 100 students from eight schools across the city. What set the program apart was the variety of digital outputs that went far beyond the usual slide shows or videos. Students demonstrated their digital learning through multiple artefacts including audio stories, photo essays, visual programming codes and mathematics graphing calculators for teaching geometry.

The Digifest 2020 is an annual digital mela conducted by IT for Change, in partnership with Vijaya Teachers’ College. It is part of our Teachers’ Community of Learning (TCoL) Program focused on developing classroom strategies and teacher development programs through ICT integration at the class, school and block levels, that can result in meaningful and empowering educational experiences for teachers and students.

Currently, in the third phase of the program, ITfC is working with Government Aided High Schools in Bengaluru South 3 block. The program is adopting a 'communities of practice' approach to teacher development and support, along with classroom-based support for innovative pedagogies.

Here are some highlights in pictures:

Picture story presentation from JSS School
Data representation by students of Euphrasia School (Photo: IT for Change)
Picture story JSS school
Picture story presentation by JSS School (Photo: IT for Change)
visit to post  School
Digital story about a visit to a post office by BHS School (Photo: IT for Change)
cyclic quadrilaterals with geogebra Jayanagar Block 9 school
Explaining cyclic quadrilaterals with Geogebra by Jaynagar Block 9 School (Photo: IT for Change)
picture story domlur high school
Picture story presentation by Domlur High School (Photo: IT for Change)
Turtle art demonstration
Turtle Art demonstration (Photo: IT for Change)
Theorem on areas of triangles at Euphrasis School
Theorem on area of triangles by Euphrasias School (Photo: IT for Change)


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