Towards a Safe Cyberzone: A Study on Gender and Online Violence in Tamil Nadu

This is the report of an in-depth field research on gender-based cyber violence that was carried out between October 2018-March 2019 across 1 metropolitan city and 3 peri-urban areas of Tamil Nadu {as part of our Righting Gender Wrongs Project}. Through surveys, focus group discussions and interviews with informants, it examines the perspectives of the respondents about the liability of the women in cases of online harassment and violence, analyses men’s perceptions of online violence and harassment in both rural and urban areas, explains the difficulties of women in accessing the criminal system, particularly due to lack of social capital, and provides for recommendations for the improvement of the legal system to deal with the cases of online gender-based cyber violence.

This paper has been co-authored by Sudaroli Ramasamy, M.R.Sangeetha, S.Prabha, Nandita Krishna and Shreeja Kumar. 

Read the full paper here

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