Mongolian delegation presentations

Ms.  Aparna Kalley,  IT for Change

This presentation discusses IT for Change's experience of setting up community owned village information centres, as a part of its Mahiti Manthana field project in Mysore district.

Ms. Anita Gurumurthy, IT for Change

This presentation explores the challenges that a digital society poses to those who are invested in the question of participatory governance. With a special focus on case studies from the developing world, it examines how the question of participation through hybrid forums that accommodate digital participation is being dealt with, in present day democracies.

Parminder Jeet Singh

This presentation focuses on the importance of governance processes re-engineering, when ICTs are introduced; and the importance of back-end convergence in ensuring effective single window delivery. It also examines how Indian policy makers and administrators have attempted to address these issues – through a specific examination of the National e-governance Plan.

Mr. Gurumurthy Kasinathan, IT for Change

This presentation provides an overview of the many models in India that explore ICT enabled convergent service delivery – public, public-private partnership and public private partnership with community involvement. Additionally, NGO experiments at using ICT enabled information centres for mobilising communities for effective entitlement seeking have also been discussed.

Dr. Meena Nair, Head, Participatory Governance Research Group, Public Affairs Centre

This presentation, based on the experience of Public Affairs Centre, discusses the effective use of formal and information spaces available for monitoring and evaluation of public service delivery. It also focusses on some specific M&E instruments : community score cards, citizen report cards, budget analysis, public expenditure tracking and so on.

Mr. Prabhakar Rao, PRO, Centre for e-governance, Karnataka

This presentation explains Karnataka state's experiments with single window service delivery, such as the Bhoomi project, the Nemmadi project and so on.

Mr. Korath Mathew, Director, Akshaya

This presentation recounts the historical evolution of the Akshaya project in Kerala.

Dr. Prajapati Trivedi, Secretary, Performance Management, Cabinet Secretariat

This presentation analyses how citizen perceptions about government performance get formulated; and how best can government performance be monitored and evaluated.

Mr. Abhishek Singh, Department of Information Technology

This presentation focuses on recounting India's experience of implementing the Common Service Centres scheme and the challenges encountered.