Data Sharing Requires a Data Commons Framework Law: A Policy Brief

This policy brief deals with the principles and framework to govern aggregate non-personal data as 'common pool resources'. Such an intervention is necessary in view of the large dividends acquired through the use of such data, the widespread de facto collection of data and its potential as a raw material for the development of Artificial Intelligence (AI).

Due to the extant condition, by owning society’s data, technology companies own most of society’s intelligence that such data generates. The brief also looks at the issue from the lens of political economy to develop data rights, access and sharing regimes. Further, a community ownership framework is the best suited because there is a strong moral basis for a group or community to own and control systemic intelligence about itself. The framework is also shaped by the Institutional Analysis and Development (IAD) framework developed by Elinor Ostrom to exploit common pool resources equitably and with adequate protection.

The full policy brief can be found here, and the complete research paper can be accessed here.

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