Exploring teacher development through the TPACK framework

Content and pedagogy are seen as inter-twined components of learning1, However, the textbook culture2 sees the teacher as a mere disseminator of the prescribed text book . This emphasis on pre-defined content and creates a disconnect between the teacher and teaching learning process. It has been found that the creation of digital curricular resources that are relevant for the teachers’ context3, supports teacher development.

Through a case study of an ICT program implementation in Telangana, this paper seeks to examine if the Technological Pedagogical Content Knowledge Framework4 can be a useful way for evaluating an ICT program. The program had the components of curriculum design for ICT in schools, creation of digital open educational resources and teacher training for use of digital methods This study explores teachers’ expectations of technology, their self-evaluation of their abilities to integrate technology for making digital resources and, the connection between their pedagogic practices and understanding of technology . The paper is based on interactions with teachers, educational administrators and educational content developers.

Teachers’ classroom experience and beliefs about their pedagogy seemed to influence their responses to ICT adoption. While they were more ready to focus on the “Technology-Content” dimension, for materials to support their existing content and pedagogy, movement on the Technology-Pedagogy’ dimension was seen to be limited, with lesser inclination to use ICT to change classroom practices. A curriculum development exercise with the SCERT, however, provided valuable insights on Technology-Pedagogy dimension for teacher professional development.


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