Recommendations by IT for Change to NITI Aayog on COVID-19: Impact on Women and Girls

IT for Change contributed an input on gender and digital technology in the post-Covid moment to a report for the NITI Aayog, titled 'Covid-19: Impact on Women and Girls'. This report was prepared by a group of organizations working for gender equality and women's empowerment. The input is based on our ongoing project, ‘Centering Women in India's Digitalizing Economy’, co-funded by the European Union.

There is a huge opportunity to shape the ways forward for gender equality and women’s empowerment in the post-Covid moment, with the possibility to pause and rethink strategies and account for historical learnings. We stand at a crossroads, with a paradigmatic shift towards a digital society and economy. This is the moment to invest in gender-responsive design and the development of appropriate public digital and data infrastructure for critical economic sectors and delivery of essential public services, to ensure that women are not left out in the post-Covid recovery map we chart.

From this standpoint, IT for Change suggested several specific components to be taken up as part of the NITI Aayog response to the current situation. Read the recommendations here.

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