Centering Women in India's Digitalising Economy

IT for Change, with support from the European Commission, is anchoring a five-year (2020-2024) collaborative action research to explore the potential of alternative digital platforms in sectors that traditionally employ women. Undertaken in partnership with Vrutti and LabourNet, the project aims to ensure that the benefits of a data-driven and digitalised economy accrue to women. It is underpinned by a vision of mainstreaming gender in policy and exploring inclusive models of platform economies.

With Vrutti, we are identifying, testing and strengthening the scope of providing agriculture inputs, logistical support and direct customer linkage to women farmer producer organisations. With LabourNet, a prominent social enterprise working on skill development, we are developing a data-based solution to observe and improve occupational trajectories of women trainees.

Project Output

Covid-19 Lockdown Exposes Gaping Holes in E-commerce and Farm Food Supply Chains: Article in Hindu BusinessLine

In light of the Covid crisis and the subsequent nationwide lockdown, the food supply chain across the country faced many disruptions, pointing to the limitations of a policy response that divorces the digital economy from its actual bare bones - human labour, physical infrastructure and institutions. The project team explored this in a piece published in the Hindu BusinessLine on April 14, 2020.'

We will continue to document the impact of the pandemic on our women constituencies and intermediary organizations so that a concerted effort can be made towards influencing digital policy in the interest of women workers.

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