School of Feminist Economics on Feminist Digital Justice

We are delighted to share that the 2023 edition of the School of Feminist Economics on Feminist Digital Justice will be conducted virtually from 5-7 September 2023.

The School of Feminist Economics (SFE) was born in 2018, and since then has built a training space to socialize analysis and tools for the construction of critical perspectives on the interrelationship between economic dynamics and the mechanisms that perpetuate inequalities in the digital era.

The 2023 edition of the school is being hosted by DAWN in collaboration with IT for Change as part of the Feminist Digital Justice project.

As in previous editions, the school will continue to critically address the onslaught of corporate power, providing tools to understand its impacts on our lives and our rights. The 2023 edition focuses on analyzing the characteristics of the current global expansion of data-extractivist capitalism, the digital economy and platform labor arrangements, and their imbrication in a new neocolonial development order that erodes the development sovereignty of the most marginalized women in the Global South. The Covid-19 pandemic intensified the digitization of tasks, services, and labor, accelerating the absorption of global value chains by major technology corporations. Given this context, the school will present the following questions to the participants:

  1. What are the new normative frameworks that can regulate and protect rights?
  2. How do the struggles for labor rights, gender equality, and digital justice intersect?
  3. How can we build transformative economies based on digital sovereignty?
  4. Is it possible to build digital sovereignty from a feminist perspective in the Global South?

The school will be developed in 3 sessions (synchronous and asynchronous) that will combine the immersion and understanding of theoretical concepts, their exemplification from concrete cases and the construction of dialogues between organizations that have developed tools and strategies for the feminist digital activism. All sessions will have simultaneous translation (Spanish-English). The sessions will be complemented by a Learning Support Document that will include reading materials, question guides, and audiovisual resources that will be sent in advance to the participants.

IT for Change’s Anita Gurumurthy and Nandini Chami will be taking part as speakers during the different sessions of the school.

The detailed sessions schedule of the school is mentioned below:

  • 5 September 2023: The Digital Paradigm: An Analysis from the Perspective of Feminist Political Economy (pre-recorded and asynchronous session).
  • 6 September 2023: Where are our Rights in this Digital Paradigm? Present and Future Challenges (synchronous session via Zoom).
  • 7 September 2023: Towards a Feminist Future: Tools and Strategies in Digital Activism (synchronous session via Zoom).

View the complete program of the school here and know more here.


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