Namma Mahiti Kendra

Since 2006, the field centre of IT for Change,Prakriye, has been engaged in building an ICT-enabled community information centre model.  The key objective of this is to create a space that can bring local governance institutions closer to women, and particularly, enable marginalised women to seek their entitlements. The information centres – called  Namma   Mahiti   Kendras (meaning, Our Information Centres, in Kannada, the local language) – are situated in two blocks of Mysore district – Hunsur and H.D.Kote. Prakriye's Namma Mahiti Kendras are slowly growing into a network of women-run information centres, which effectively utilises digital technologies for public information outreach, service delivery, and shaping a women's rights discourse in relation to local governance and democracy,
at the community level. For more details about the work of the centres, read this binder.

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