E-learning Courses for B.Ed Student Teachers

IT for Change (ITfC) and Sri Sarvajna College of Education (SSCE), an eminent college of teacher education in Bengaluru, are collaborating to offer all the courses of the B.Ed. program offered by SSCE as online courses. ITfC will also design and transact the ‘ICT Integrated Learning’ course as a part of the B.Ed. program.

The courses are being delivered using the Moodle Learning Management System for asynchronous learning and the BigBlueButton (BBB) webinar platform for synchronous sessions between the faculty and the student teachers. A phone-group is being used for quick communication to the participants. Both Moodle and BBB have been installed on ITfC’s own server, as both are free and open source (FOSS) platforms. This gives the course manager full control over both the course offering as well as the data generated from the course.  

IT for Change has build the capacities of the faculty of Sri Sarvajna College of Education (SSCE) on using the Moodle LMS and BigBlueButton webinar platform for designing and conducting online courses for teaching-learning. Sarvajna College faculty are learning and enjoying their new roles as online teachers. The courses are seeing very active and enthusiastic participation from all the participants in both the synchronous and asynchronous learning activities.

ITfC faculty is also teaching the 'ICT Integrated Learning' course for all semesters of the B.Ed. Program.
The course consists of bi-weekly webinars for the students, using Webinar platform BigBlueButton, complemented by course content sharing and transaction and assessment on the Moodle Learning Management System, and by a phone-group for quick communication.

The course objectives are:
    1. To introduce Information & Communication Technologies (ICT) to student-teachers
    2. To support student teachers in the creation of context-specific resources (Open Educational Resources) for their classrooms
    3. To support student teachers to create lessons and resources using subject specific applications for different methods
    4. To create a community of teachers experienced in ICT integration in teaching learning

The course includes a graded assessment on participation and assignment completion which will conclude with a certification.


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