Blended Teacher Education Models

Gurumurthy, IT for Change was a member in the Committee constituted by National Council for Teacher Education (NCTE) to deliberate on recommendations 8 and 12 of the Justice Verma Commission report. Recommendation No 8 is that “the first professional degree in Teacher Education be only face to face mode”, and recommendation 12 is "Faculty programmes needs to be institutionalized for professional development".

Incorporating the inputs from IT for Change, the report of this committee emphasises the need for 'blended learning' to be the default mode for teacher education, moving beyond the silos of 'face to face learning' and 'open distance learning' that is prevalent currently. This was one opportunity for ITfC to bring in ideas of cutting edge models of teacher education, integrating ICTs in into the national framework for teacher educator professional development. Blended learning, incorporating elements of both face to face learning and learning using digital methods is superior to either mode.

The input document discusses the elements of ICT support for teacher professional development - ICT Literacy, ICTs to access resources, ICTs to peer review resources, ICTs for resource creation and sharing, publish digital resources and to connect teachers, student teachers and teacher educators and educationists.

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