Mathematics camp at BHS School

A three day workshop on Mathematics for the Class 9 students of BHS High school was organized as a part of the Teachers' Community of Learning program, (TCOL) program from 21 to 23 October 2019. The workshop aimed to support building of foundational skills and conceptual understanding in students, develop interest in Mathematics by supporting 'mathematisation of thinking', strengthen teacher capacities by demonstrations and modelling and create resources that could be used by other schools / teachers.

Students worked individually and in groups on activities relating to number system, basic geometry, commercial arthmetic and statistics. These included working with a number line drawn on the college floor, exploring constructions with Geogebra, financial planning for events by students, as well as fun quizzes.

This workshop was a part of the collaboration between Vijaya Teachers College (VTC) and IT for Change (ITfC) on BHS High school development.  Information about the workshop is available here

Focus Areas
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Commercial arithmetic project - organizing mid day meals in school