In times of rapid, digitally-induced change, the knowledge space becomes a key area of capture and contestation. The state of play in the realm of concepts and frameworks is therefore a significant site for critical examination and informed action. Theoretical lenses and empirical facts must be used skilfully to trace who defines emergent social, economic and political ideas and how interests of different actors are impacted. IT for Change has been at the cutting edge of critical research, not only de-constructing dominant approaches and concepts in relation to digital developments, but also articulating alternative frameworks rooted in ideals of social justice and equity.

Current Projects

Online freedom for all = No unfreedom for women, a project on technology-mediated violence against women

Rethinking legal-institutional responses to e-VAW

2017 - Ongoing

Our discussion paper on the issue of technology-mediated violence against women analyses the adequacy of the current legal and institutional frameworks in India and proposes alternate models that need to be debated and analysed. The paper raises a series of questions on overhauling the…

OER Adoption

Research on Open Educational Resources for Development - ROER4D Phase 2

2016 - Ongoing

As a part of the “Research on Open Educational Resources for Development” project, ITfC conducted an action research on a collaborative OER adoption project in Karnataka. In phase 2 of this project, ITfC will study OER use by teachers and develop a toolkit for…

Voice or Chatter?

Voice or Chatter? Making ICTs work for transformative citizen engagement

2017 - Ongoing

IT for Change's multi-country research study on ICT-mediated citizen engagement and its impact on governance structures and processes explored the ways in which ICT mediated engagement can be empowering for the citizen and transformative for the outcomes of governance.

Developing Countries and Internet Governance

Policy series on "Developing countries and global Internet governance" (2011-current)

2011 - Ongoing

Framing a development agenda for Internet governance has been a key policy research area for IT for Change. The Internet is transforming power relationships at all levels, and therefore, geopolitical and geo-economic relationships. Developed countries, led by the US, where…

UNESCAP research study and training modules on e-government and gender equality in the Asia-Pacific

UNESCAP research study and training modules on e-government and gender equality in the Asia-Pacific

2016 - Ongoing

IT for Change is currently developing a training curriculum on e-government for women's empowerment and gender equality, for policymakers in the Asia-Pacific region, in partnership with UNESCAP and UNPOG. This is based on a  5-…

Completed projects

IT for Change announces an open call for researchers for its project, Policy frameworks for digital platforms - Moving from openness to inclusion.

Openness to Inclusion