Workshop on - Camera as Teaching-Learning Material (24th- 25th of January, 2011)

"The Teacher's Communities of Learning (TCoL) Project conducted a "Camera as Teaching Learning Material" workshop recently in GMPS Puttenahalli. This workshop was a unique one for the TCoL team as it was the first time we were attempting to introduce other ICTs (camera) as a Teaching-learning material tool. It was also the first time the teachers were experiencing this kind of workshop and it was the first time the CCID team was coming in to train teachers and help us as resource persons in this workshop. Everyone was excited about the possibilities of this workshop and at the same time apprehensive of how it would turn out.
The overall objective of the workshop was to understand the role and place of  Teaching-Learning Material while  doing activity based lessons in classrooms  and then to specifically understand how to use a camera as a teaching-learning material for various activities in the classrooms.
The workshop was a good mix of the fundamentals of photography coupled with various hands on practise sessions. The second day concentrated on how to form an activity in the classroom with the help of visual aids like photographs. It ended with a practise class session where teachers actually facilitated a classroom discussion and introduced concepts from the syllabus with the help of photographs. To read more of what happened in the workshop, feedback from the  teachers and photos taken by them, please click here for the report.

Link to picasa site is here.