The task of ensuring that digital technologies contribute towards a more just and equal world is a shared one. We solicit individual and institutional funding for the crucial public interest work we do. Public interest work can only be sustained by public interest funding. We require a better and distributed funding base in order to maintain and improve the efficacy of our work.

Your contribution will go a long way in supporting the work of our field centre Prakriye. Prakriye's projects are implemented by a committed team of Mysoreans, whose leadership has brought us the trust of local communities. To keep their work going, we would appreciate contributions, big and small. It takes a budget of USD 50000 (32,40,000 INR) per annum to run the Prakriye centre.

Keep the lights on

$100 | ₹6500 allows us to meet the operating costs of one center for a month.

Create amazing things

$200 | ₹13000 will help our girls produce one great piece of media content.

Strengthen local democracy

$500 | ₹32000 will fund six training sessions for local government officials.

Foster grassroots journalism

$800 | ₹52000  will cover the supporting costs for one citizen reporter for a whole year.

Nurture female leadership

$1000 | ₹65000 will support a four-month capacity-building program for 80 rural girls.

Build a knowledge hub

$2000 | ₹130000 will go towards equipping our knowledge hubs with books, smart phones, tablets and other learning tools and resources.

For Foreign Donations (from outside India)

Please Note: All foreign donations are received by IT for Change, Canada.  IT for Change, Canada does not yet have the status of a 'registered charity' and hence will not be able to provide a donation receipt for purposes of Income tax deduction.