Feminist Visions of the Network Society: Forthcoming publication consolidating insights from the CITIGEN-Asia programme

IT for Change has entered into an agreement with Zubaan, a leading feminist publishing house in India, to bring out a book – 'Feminist Visions of the Network Society' – that consolidates key insights from the various research efforts undertaken as part of its 'Gender and Citizenship in the  information society' (CITIGEN-Asia) programme. The book is planned as an edited volume of 14 essays which will specifically explore how modes of agency and active citizenship are re-cast in the network society context, in which the increasing fluidity of the boundaries between the 'online' and the 'off-line' leads to the emergence of new spaces for political action. The book is expected to be published in early 2014. For more details, see the concept note and the book of abstracts.

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