Kerala Education Conference

Kerala Education Conference
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Kerala School Teachers Association (KSTA)

Gurumurthy Kasinathan from IT for Change was a speaker at Kerala Education Conference on "Education in the age of Technology".

This education festival was conducted by Kerala School Teachers Association (KSTA) – the progressive and largest teachers association of Kerala to discuss the political, social, cultural and academic aspects and also to share the academic achievements of children, experiences of the teachers and providing platforms for cultural exchange, opportunity to see educational films and books. The process enabled teachers and teacher’s organizations to realize how accountable and responsible they are for ensuring equity and quality education. The following themes were discussed in the seminar series: Neo liberalization & Democratic education, Challenges and Opportunities of General Education, Education and Mother tongue, Evaluation facts and perceptions, Gender Justice in Education, Past and present of Kerala education, Education in the era of Technology, Education & Politics, Equitable education- emerging concepts, Education- The concept of Discipline, Educational Governance changing perspectives. 

See the presentation here.